Spalding match is played outdoor with the new 1876 line.

In a revival atmosphere  that recalls the sportwear from the ‘70s and the ‘80s, Spalding revisits its heritage.

1876 talks about an entirely new athletic world


Next generation natural fabrics : for an original collection looking to the future of fashion.

Fabrics used promote in fact stretch and breathability, keeping the body temperature constant even in the harsh climate



The Spalding game is played (also and at the moment especially) outdoor. In this fashion competition, historical brands of sportswear are rising from a specific twenty years, between the 70s and the 80s, which wisely revive their heritage, studded with iconic pieces.

Everything arises from the desire to live a revival climate that tickles the memories of those who lived them, but also of the Millennials that breathe the atmosphere “by proxy”, through the renewed and amplified eyes of the web .

All of this has brought back to life pieces such as polo shirts, fleeces and last but not least, the much loved cotton t-shirts.

With these last ones, a new sport-leisurewear chapter begins, where the trend is to go out from morning to the evening wearing essential t-shirts renewed and mixed with all types of looks.